A raging fury, roaring out from under the ground, releasing energy equivalent to an A-bomb. A monstrous noise bellowing from the bowels of the earth. Every single thing on the ground shaking with an immense violence. Huge, solid buildings crumbling to the ground, people crushed to death, people running and screaming. Earthquakes change everything. Nothing is ever the same again.

This photo-blog tells the story of the incredible ‘swarm’ of seismic attacks that struck for the first time, just before dawn on August 24th 2016. The damage, the destruction and the fight to claim back lives that were so suddenly shattered.

All the chapters up up in the right hand corner, in the menu ….

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9 thoughts on “Living with the earthquakes that have been tearing across central Italy since August 2016 …

  1. You have all my sympathies as I have absolutely no experience of your situation. I will ask my M.P. if she can think of anyone who might be able to help. You right to say that it is a forgotten problem, this is the first I have heard about it.


    1. Thank you for that … I still cannot believe that Britain and (… can’t really say ‘the rest’ of Europe anymore, can I?!) other European countries don’t cover this as a major story. Bonkers. I was staggered when I saw that the BBC had a BREAKING NEWS item about a motorway bridge – here in Italy, near Ancona – that had collapsed killing a couple in their car but fail to cover the Earthquake Crater. Lazy journalism – too tedious to actually put together packages that are analytical …. sorry to sound so cynical! Thanks again for the support. Tam


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